UPS systems

UPS systems are crucial to ensure the continuity of the services provided, the security of the systems, and to protect the structures from both external and internal events, thus guaranteeing reliability and robustness, and must therefore be flexible and customizable.

Operational continuity is fundamental both at the civil and industrial level, and our plants must provide maximum safety.

We at PINOGIUNTA SRL provide you with operational continuity by using high-level uninterruptible power supplies that are technologically advanced and perfectly adaptable to your needs.

Our UPS systems are flexible and therefore suitable to different power sources, compatible with several remote data communication protocols.

We help you to protect your home from weather conditions and human error by ensuring the connection between the devices at your disposal.

We provide companies with a quality service, guaranteeing the protection of data and devices even in cases of power spikes. The solutions offered are always the best for your need because our technicians perform in-depth analyzes, accurately calculate the power supply for your business solutions, proposing continuity systems suited to your needs at affordable costs.

Whether you are an individual or a company, PINOGIUNTA SRL is the right solution for your needs.