Technical reliefs

Request the execution of inspections and instrumental checks on electrical systems is crucial, and PINOGIUNTA SRL is the perfect partner in this.

According to the CEI 64-8 / 6 provision, checks on electrical systems are necessary when to prove that they comply with safety standards in force, and initial verifications are required by Law no 46/90.

They must be performed rigorously, in compliance with CEI (*Italian Electrotechnical Committee) standards.

To this end, it continues to be indispensable to carry out these operations by highly qualified personnel, such as that of PINOGIUNTA.

Failure to carry out the checks invalidates the Declaration of Conformity.
Those who sign this document, in the absence of adequate checks on the electrical system, can face serious consequences.
The verification consists of visual examinations, one ordinary and the other in-depth. Two different phases in which

PINOGIUNTA SRL technicians ascertain that the system components comply with the standards and are installed correctly and not damaged.
The in-depth visual inspection involves a more accurate verification. The use of specific tools allows to verify the connections and check the terminals. Then follows the test phase.

These are tests that certify the compliance of the system with CEI standards.
For new systems, checks can be total or random, while for large-scale realizations, it is necessary to ensure an adequate safety level, according to regulations and standards in force.
Companies and professionals who perform checks on electrical systems must have specific tools.

PINOGIUNTA SRL staff has all next-gen technologies, starting from the measuring equipment up to the high-sensitivity ammeters.
Everything that is needed to guarantee a top-quality service to its customers.