Network cabling and optical fiber

Nowadays, it is crucial to have network cabling, especially for those buildings that house offices.

Safety and compliance with international standards require a perfect installation of all components necessary for the creation of a computer network, such as cables, connectors, terminal sockets, cabinets.

Network cabling allows rapid transmission of data and video within a building, safely and with much higher performance than a wireless network.

The architecture developed by PINOGIUNTA is a hierarchical stellar type, with floor distributors (or FD), building distributors (or BD), and campus distributors (or CD).

Each workstation is connected to one or more cables, in turn, connected to telematic sockets installed within wall or floor plates and patch panels positioned inside the racks.

PINOGIUNTA SRL is the partner to help you install a perfect network cabling, respecting the construction and quality standards and issuing the certification of compliance with technical standards, according to the Ministerial Decree 37/08, as an AT & certified company