Medium and low-voltage substations

PINOGIUNTA SRL operates in civil and industrial plant engineering, and more specifically, in the design, installation, and testing of both medium and low voltage substations.

Through the installation, the current that is supplied by a high and medium voltage distribution network (10Kv - 15Kv - 20Kv) undergoes a transformation process carried out by primary substations.
The medium voltage must then be transformed into low voltage through secondary substations (MV / LV) to supply electricity to homes and buildings safely, both in the case of single-phase networks(230V residential homes) and three-phase networks (6KW in industrial buildings).

Our professionals develop and create high-quality, secure systems in line with the regulations in force and provide both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

We are the best partner in electricity distribution, providing our customers with the best energy transformation and transport services.